Steam Press

Steam Press

A steam press is an ironing equipment that uses high heat and steam to smooth and press clothes and fabrics.

One of the main benefits of using a steam press is that it can quickly and effectively remove wrinkles from clothes and fabrics, even those that are difficult to iron with a traditional iron. Steam presses can also be used to press and reshape clothes, making them look newer and cleaner. They are particularly useful for removing wrinkles and creases from heavy fabrics such as denim, wool, and linens, as well as for smoothing out pleats and cuffs.

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  • What is a steam press service?

    Steam press service is a method of ironing clothes using a combination of heat, steam and pressure to remove wrinkles and give clothes a crisp, polished look. It is typically used for dress shirts, suits, and other formal wear.

  • What types of clothes can be steamed?

    Most types of clothing can be steamed, including dress shirts, suits,, dresses, and pants. However, some fabrics, such as silk, may need to be more delicate for steaming and should be ironed by hand.

  • Does steam press fade the colour of the clothing?

    The properly done steam press does not fade the colour of the clothing, as long as the proper temperature and techniques are used. The heat and steam used in the process can help to set the dye and remove wrinkles without causing any damage to the fabric. However, if the temperature is too high or the steaming is done for too long, it can cause discolouration or damage to the fabric. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the laundry service you are using is experienced and uses the correct temperature and techniques to avoid any color fading